Food to Buy in Advance of Hurricane

Food to Buy in Advance of Hurricane

While there’s no avoiding the weather, it’s not that difficult—or expensive—to stock up on basic items in case you lose power or are temporarily unable to leave your home. 

When it comes to hurricanes, an integral part of your emergency preparedness checklist is food. 

An emergency food supply is extremely important because, in the aftermath of a major hurricane, basic necessities are often hard to come by. Once you survive the storm, you still need to survive until your area returns to normal 

You should create a survival food list before hurricane season even begins so you are familiar with what to purchase ahead of times. When meteorologists forecast hurricanes, hysteria can set in weeks before landfall. The faster you get to the supermarket to buy supplies the less stressful the whole experience is and the more likely you are to get the things you need. When it comes to weather-related disasters, planning is everything. Here are 10 you should consider on your to buy list: 

  1. Bottled Water

The most important thing you can have on hand before a hurricane strikes is water. This is the number one item on any food survival list because you can easily lose access to drinking water during a natural disaster. It could be days – even weeks – before the water from your sink is safe again. If it’s not contaminated, there is a chance it’s cut off completely. 

The average person needs 1 gallon of water per day. You actually need more than this in hot weather. make sure you stock up on at least a three-day supply per person in your home when a hurricane is coming. The more water the better. 

  1. Apples & Oranges

Apples stored in a cool, dark place can last for several weeks. This makes them one of the best fresh foods to buy in advance of a hurricane. They are full of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and water which are all important for hurricane survivors without potable water, electricity, or means of transportation. Oranges are another great fruit to have on hand. While they only last two weeks in comparison to apples when stored at room temperature, they provide a high dose of vitamin C. They also include calcium, potassium, and water. If you’re going to buy fruits, buy these two! 

  1. Dried and Canned Fruits

The next item on our hurricane emergency rations list is dried and canned fruits. While fresh apples and oranges are ideal, dried and canned fruits can also supply you with nutrients during a natural disaster like a hurricane. Try to buy fruits with no gels, syrups, added sugar, or artificial sweetener. Read labels carefully and always try to get apples and oranges fresh if you can. 

  1. Canned Meats

While canned fruits are good, so are canned meats. Canned tuna, salmon, and sardines are great sources of protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines are actually a great source of calcium as well. These are great alternatives to other meats that you won’t be able to cook without power during a hurricane or other natural disaster. 

  1. Canned Vegetables

The third canned items on our list that is perfect for hurricane preparedness is canned vegetables. Ready-to-eat canned vegetables like green beans and soups can be very nutritious, as long as you purchase “low sodium” versions. Be wary. A lot of times canned foods are loaded with sodium, which is not only unhealthy in a normal setting but can make you thirstier as well. 

  1. Vitamins

Since there’s a high chance you won’t be able to eat meals normally, you may have to stock up on vitamins to make sure you are getting the necessary nutrients every day. Experts recommend a two week supply of vitamins for everyone in your house. Multivitamins are great, but if any family member have special medical conditions those vitamins need to be included as well. 

  1. Nuts

If you don’t have power to make chicken or steak, don’t’ fear. Nuts are packed with protein. They are actually one of the healthiest pantry foods you can have on hand in case of an emergency. Nuts are also full of healthy fats. Just make sure you buy unsalted nuts because you don’t want to get thirstier than you already are. Trail mixes are also a good way to go to get some sugar added into your diet as well with raisins and candies. 

  1. Power Bars/Protein Bars

If you don’t have power and can’t cook full meals, protein bars are a great way to get the necessary nutrients. If you’re lacking in caloric intake, protein bars will give you a big dose of calories. The best part is these come in small, nonperishable packaging so you can eat them anytime. 

  1. Comfort Foods

The last real food on our survival food list are comfort foods. Hurricanes and other natural disasters are very stressful events. It’s difficult to go about your day-to-day with no potable water, no electricity, and no safe transportation. It’s always good to have your family’s comfort foods on hand to lessen the burden of the weather-related stress. If these comfort foods need electricity it’s still a good idea to get them for once you get power back. Trust us, it makes a big difference! 

  1. Paper plates and utensils

A lot of times, clean water is not accessible after a hurricane. That makes washing dishes a tough job. To avoid this problem, purchase paper plates and plastic utensils ahead of time to ensure an easy and safe clean up. While you’re at it, make sure you get garbage bags as well.

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