Want to Learn The Basics of Cooking, Or Hone Skills You Already Have? Consider A Cooking Class

Want to Learn The Basics of Cooking, Or Hone Skills You Already Have? Consider A Cooking Class

Are you thinking about taking a cooking class, but don't know if it's worth it? Here are some reasons why you should pursue a cooking class...

1. Cooking classes are fun

Having fun, meeting new people and simply enjoying a new experience are all great reasons to enroll in a cooking class. Whether you sign up as a couple, with your best friend or for a mother-daughter experience, you're sure to have a few laughs.

2. Cooking classes teach you new things

You can watch all the cooking TV shows you want, but nothing gives you the hands-on experience of being in a real live class with a real live teacher. You can learn from an instructor who does things in real time without "the magic of TV" speeding up all the steps — talk about hard to follow!

Your instructor can also coach you on proper techniques while answering your cooking questions — and there's no need to rewind your DVR.

3. Cooking classes allow you to try new foods

Who knows, you may have a hidden flair for rolling sushi or be able to cook Thai dishes worthy of royalty, but how will you know unless you take a class? Often, cooking dishes outside of your own culture come with scads of new — and sometimes expensive — ingredients that you don't already have in your kitchen.

An exotic cooking class can get your feet wet and see if you enjoy a special type of cooking without breaking the bank.

4. Cooking classes improve your palette

In a cooking class you not only get to cook interesting dishes, you get to sample them as well. Bonus points if you sign up for a class that teaches you about pairing wines, as you'll get to sip those all evening as well.

5. Cooking classes make a unique date night

Tired of dinner and a movie? A cooking class is a fun way to differentiate from your usual Friday night routine. Surprise your honey by signing up for a class or make it a monthly ritual.

6. Cooking classes teach you to perfect a dish

Everybody needs a go-to, signature dish to wow guests at birthday gatherings and family get-togethers alike. How cool would it be if your perfect dish is gourmet instead of the same-old tater tot casserole?

Pay attention during the class and so you can replicate the dish from the comfort of your own kitchen, even without a professional chef looking over your shoulder.

7. Cooking classes teach you to cook like a pro

Have you ever wondered how TV chef's make that flame erupt from the pan without burning the food - or their eyebrows? Or do you wish you knew how to chop 300 carrots a minute? A cooking class can teach new techniques that can make you look and feel like a pro.

How to choose between cooking classes

When deciding which cooking class is right for you, you need to decide what your goals are.

Are you hoping to experiment with a new type of cuisine? If so, maybe a sushi making or Indian cuisine class is for you.

Or, are you a novice who can barely use a can opener? Then maybe a beginner's class that covers the basics is what you need.

The length of the class ranges from a one evening experience, which is more social in nature, to semester-long courses at culinary institutes, for those considering a career.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to take a class, you're sure to have good food and great fun. Besides, if in the end you decide you prefer take-out or cooking from the box, that's okay too — at least you gave cooking the old college try, right?