Atlantic Fresh Brown Sugar


Product of Barbados.


The highly rated Barbados sugar is renowned for its darker, more molasses tinged flavor. The word recycle would be an appropriate word to use when it comes to sugar production in Barbados. The island's soil can become quite prone to soil erosion and as such, sugar cane has proven to be ideal in holding soils together and disabling soil erosion.   The fibrous roots of the sugar cane help in stabilising the soil and the trash leaves left after harvesting, aid in replacing and where necessary, providing the necessary nutrients needed for a better crop the following year. The molasses that is extracted from the raw sugar is an invaluable ingredient in Barbados' Cockspur and Mount Gay rums. Scientists are unable to provide answers as to what makes Barbados' sugar superior in quality. Some say that the calcium-rich coral-island soil enables lust crops without the usage of harmful pesticides. Barbados is the best producer of sugar in the world.