Bad Dawg Sausages


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Bad Dawg, the ‘Bigga, Betta, Badda’ tasting sausage was born out of a job creation initiative aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and creating self-employment opportunities. These sausages are NOT frankfurters – they are made with better ingredients, never with filler or paste, guaranteeing a richer flavour.

The movement began with just one set of ‘Golden Wheels’ with one cart operator serving up the juicy sausage. Fast forward to 2019 and our Bad Dawg cart entrepreneurs have grown to 40 island-wide, managing their businesses and customers. We leverage our extensive marketing and distribution resources to help drive sales for them.

Over the years, the following has grown immensely and is no longer only solely available through its cart operators, but is also now available through traditional retail stores for you to enjoy at home. Have you tried our new JERK flavour?