Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake Recipe

Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake Recipe


  • 2 cups good quality vanilla ice cream
  • 2/3 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup chocolate fudge sauce
  • 1/3 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • whipped cream, garnish


  1. [Put serving glass in freezer 25 minutes before preparing milkshake.]
  2. Place ice, ice cream and milk in a blender and pulse for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Add chocolate fudge sauce and peanut butter and pulse for another 10 seconds.
  4. Remove top and mix by hand for 20 seconds. This helps aerate the shake.
  5. Pour into chilled serving glass and garnish with whipped cream.

Note: the better the quality of ice cream, the better the shake. When choosing between two vanilla ice creams, choose whichever one is heaver. This means the ice cream is denser and thicker, giving you a thicker and richer milkshake.